Developer Contributions Plans

Section 7.11 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Section 64 of the Local Government Act 1993 enables Councils in New South Wales to levy contributions on a development where that development generates an increased demand on Council's services and facilities. 

This is intended to ensure that the existing ratepayers are not required to meet the whole cost of providing new infrastructure in the Local Government Area. 

Section 7.11 and Section 64 can also be applied to non-residential development such as retail, commercial or industrial development, specifically to meet the increased demand for water/sewer infrastructure and car-parking. 

To levy Developer Contribution Charges Council must prepare Contribution Plans and/or Development Servicing Plan (as listed below). These Council adopted Plans identify and cost all the works/facilities and land acquisitions necessary to meet the needs of the incoming population and calculates what contribution payment is required for each new residential lot, dual or multi occupancy residence(s). 

Community infrastructure items are detailed within the works schedule section of each Contributions Plan. The collection of contributions and the delivery of infrastructure is largely dependent on development proceeding. There could be instances where the collection of contributions will not be sufficient to provide complete funding to construct the infrastructure within the projected time frame. In these instances, Council may need to forward fund or seek alternative funding options to enable the delivery of the infrastructure.

Coffs Harbour City Council has adopted incentives to help stimulate development. Certain developments may qualify for concessions or exemptions relating to Developer Contribution Charges. Please refer to Council’s Business & Development Incentives for more information. 

If you have any queries regarding Developer Contributions, please contact Council's Developer Contributions Officer on 6648 4000.

Developer Contributions Plan - Administration Levy(PDF, 1MB)   

Developer Contributions Plan - Bonville Large Lot Residential(PDF, 1MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - City Centre Parking(PDF, 1MB)  

Developer Contributions Plan - Coffs Harbour Road Network(PDF, 2MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - Hearnes Lake Sandy Beach(PDF, 2MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - Jetty Area Car Parking(PDF, 1MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - Korora Rural Residential(PDF, 867KB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - Mines and Extractive Industries(PDF, 301KB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - Moonee Release Area(PDF, 2MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - North Boambee Valley East(PDF, 1MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - North Boambee Valley West(PDF, 2MB)  

Developer Contributions Plan - North Bonville(PDF, 796KB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - North Coffs(PDF, 1MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - Open Space(PDF, 2MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - Park Beach Area(PDF, 1MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - South Coffs(PDF, 1MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - Surf Rescue Facilities(PDF, 1MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - West Coffs(PDF, 2MB) 

Developer Contributions Plan - West Woolgoolga(PDF, 1MB) 

Development Servicing Plan - Wastewater(PDF, 1MB) 

Development Servicing Plan - Water Supply(PDF, 1MB) 

Current Contributions Rates

Car Parking Developer Contributions Rates(PDF, 1MB) 

Contribution Rates By Locality(PDF, 3MB)