Amending the Local Environmental Plan

Coffs Harbour Local Environmental Plan (LEP) guides planning decisions made by the City of Coffs Harbour (City). The making and/or amendment of the LEP can be complex and lengthy, depending on the likely impacts.

Any person proposing an amendment to the LEP is required to discuss the proposal with the City before lodging an application, by attending a pre-lodgment meeting.

This is to ensure that the proposal aligns with the City's strategic plans and NSW legislation.

Local Environmental Plans are updated and/or reviewed via the rezoning process. There are five steps in the process:

1. Application
2. Gateway
3. Community Consultation
4. Assessment
5. The making of the LEP

Further details on the rezoning process can be found on the NSW Planning and Environment Website.

Apply to amend the LEP

Step 1.Book a pre-lodgement meeting 

Complete our Request to Amend Coffs Harbour LEP - Pre-Lodgement Meeting Form.

Step 2.Attend pre-lodgement meeting

Planning staff will attend this compulsory meeting to discuss your application including what fees and charges may be payable.

Step 3.Lodge the application via the NSW Planning Portal

Lodge your application to amend the Coffs Harbour LEP 2013 via the NSW Planning Portal.

Step 4.The City will conduct a peer review of the application

Step 5.You will be notified of next steps