Get flooding information for a property

City of Coffs Harbour has flood information for many areas across the LGA. This includes information about past and/or anticipated future flood levels, and flood risk precincts.

Apply for flood information for a property

Step 1.Check we have information on your property

All properties within the Flood Planning Area have flood information available. To view the Flood Planning Area, please visit our Online Mapping Tool.

We do not have flood level information for all properties. If your property is outside of the Flood Planning Area call us to check if information is available before you start an application.

Call us: 02) 6648 4000

Step 2.Request information

There are two main ways you can get information from us about how flooding affects your property:

  1. Apply for a Flood Certificate through the Flood Level Information request form. The Flood Certificate will provide as much flood information as possible on the property in question. This form may be useful if you are looking to develop a property, or are considering purchasing within the floodplain. The form provides additional flooding information that otherwise would not be captured within a 10.7 (Parts 2 and 5) Planning Certificate. If flood information is available for your property, we aim to provide the following:
  • Flood Risk Precinct (if available)
  • Approximate ground level information
  • Floor Level data (if available)
  • Planning Levels (Design Flood Level, Flood Planning Level)
  • Estimated flood levels for a range of events (20% AEP, 1% AEP, PMF, etc)
  • Climate change flood levels (if available)
  • Historical flood levels in close proximity to the address (if applicable)
  • The associated Flood Hazard and Flood Function (if available)

The flood information we are able provide in this certificate will vary between catchments. Not all of the information may be available for all properties.

2.  Apply for a Planning Certificate.

You'll need to request a combined 10.7(2) and 10.7(5) planning certificate to get information about whether the property is flood affected, the 1% AEP (100 year ARI) flood level and flood planning level.

Alternatively, to check if your property is covered by the Flood Planning Level, please see our Online Mapping Tool.

For further general information about flooding and guides on how to stay safe and what to do in case of flooding, go to the flood emergency services and information page.