How to submit a tender


How to submit a tender

Step 1.Find and review the tender advertisement

City of Coffs Harbour publishes all tenders online via Tenderlink.

Please visit our Tenderlink portal to register your interest

Step 2.Obtain a copy of the tender document

Electronic copies of all tender documents are available free of charge from our TenderLink e-tendering portal

Hard copy tender documents (not preferred) for the cost as published in the tender advertisement are available at our Customer Service Centre

Step 3.Decide whether you are suitable for the project

Read the tender document very carefully and familiarise yourself with any information provided to tenderers, the Conditions of Tendering, Conditions of Contract, Technical Specification and Drawings. Particular attention should be paid to the assessment criteria that we will use to assess Tenders.

Step 4.Understand the contracts and conditions of tender

If you are unsure about the proposed contract, discuss it with the contact nominated in the tender advertisement and/or have the tender reviewed by your legal representative.

Step 5.Complete your tender form and returnable schedules

Once you have:

  • registered on our Tenderlink portal 
  • provided all the necessary information requested in the Tender document
  • completed the returnable Tender Form and Tender Schedules 
  • acknowledged receipt of any addenda to the tender documents issued during the tender period
  • addressed all of the tender assessment criteria in your offer
  • double checked any figures

you are ready to lodge your tender.

Step 6.Lodge tender documents

Tenders can be lodged online. First register on our TenderLink portal and then upload your Tender to the electronic Tender Box.

Hard copy Tenders can be placed in the tender box located at our Customer Service Centre.

Both electronic and hard copy Tenders must be lodged no later than the closing date and time advised in the tender document. 

Late submissions will not be considered.

Adequate time must be allowed to upload documents electronically or to have them delivered through the mail. There is an estimate on the TenderLink site of the time to be allowed by Tenderers to upload their tender documents.

Please note that Australia Post's 'Next Day Delivery'  does not apply to Coffs Harbour (it only applies to capital cities).

Step 7.We review all submissions

Every submission will be reviewed by a tender evaluation panel. While other criteria may be used which are more specific to each tender, the following criteria will be applied to all assessments:

  • Whether to submission conforms to the requirements of the tender document and the Local Government (General) Regulation, Part 7 Tendering
  • The Tenderer's financial capacity to undertake the work
  • Experience and past performance
  • Occupational health and safety management system
  • Price

What happens next?

The assessment panel will examine all tenders received before the deadline for compliance with the tender document and the Local Government (General) Regulation.

Each tender is recorded, read in detail and examined. We make tenders we receive publically available on our Pending and awarded tenders page (in alphabetical order).

The strengths and weaknesses of each tender are assessed against the criteria, scored and weighted. Our financial assessors may ask you to provide additional information to verify your financial capacity.

We will then consider all tenders and either accept the most advantageous tender, having regard to all the circumstances, or decline to accept any of the tenders.

Once we have considered all responses we will advise you in writing of whether your submission was successful.