Land contamination in Coffs Harbour

Over the past 100 years, many areas around Coffs Harbour have been used for the cultivation of bananas.

Studies have found that the practices used for growing bananas can lead to elevated concentrations of agricultural chemical residues in the soil.

These metals and compounds do not break down easily, and can pose a threat to human health and the environment at certain concentrations.

To ensure that development on former banana lands will not increase the risk of harm to human health or the environment, we require certain steps to be taken before development can commence. See the Development on Contaminated Land webpage for further information.

Our mapping system has designated all past and present banana growing land as being potentially contaminated. Select the 'Planning & Environment' module and the 'Banana Cultivation 1943-94' layer. 

Access the Online Mapping Tool

Screen shot of mapping tool with contaminated land layer selected

Image: Our mapping tool showing the 'Banana cultivation 1943 -94' layer selected.