Movement and Place (Transport) Strategy

The Draft Coffs Harbour Movement and Place Strategy sets the direction for how we improve the way we travel around our local government area – whether that’s walking, cycling, driving or catching a bus – and how we can make our streets even more attractive places to live and work.

The Draft Coffs Harbour Movement and Place Strategy has been led by the City of Coffs Harbour in collaboration with Transport for NSW and NSW Government agencies. It outlines the design, planning and delivery of our transport networks over the next 20 years.

The draft strategy sets out a number of goals summarised as 10 Big Moves. These are:

  1. Supporting 15-minute neighbourhoods (see explanation of 15-minute neighbourhoods further below).
  2. Better streets.
  3. Improving our walking and cycling networks.
  4. Investing in our blue and green grid.
  5. Planning for beyond the Bypass.
  6. Connecting the city’s key precincts and growth areas.
  7. Improving our public transport services.
  8. Careful parking management.
  9. Harnessing technology.
  10. Preparing shovel-ready projects to create great places.


Public Exhibition of the Draft Movement and Place Strategy

Public exhibition of the draft strategy occurred from 20 December 2022 to 27 February 2023. We thank you for providing input and comment on the draft Strategy's '10 Big Moves' - the key initiatives we are proposing over the next 20 years. We are currently evaluating community feedback to inform the final Strategy.

For more information refer to the Have Your Say page for the strategy: Draft Coffs Harbour Movement and Place Strategy - Have Your Say

What is Movement and Place?

Movement and Place considers the whole street including footpaths, from property line to property line. It takes into account the needs of all users of this space, including pedestrians, cyclists, deliveries, private vehicles and public transport, as well as people spending time in those places, whether moving around the place or enjoying street life including outdoor dining, waiting for a bus or watching the world go by.

What is meant by 15-minute neighbourhoods

The concept of 15-minute neighbourhoods is about trying to provide everyday services – schools, shops, doctors - in close proximity to where we live
eg a local school within a safe and easy 15-minute walk or bike ride. 

It is recognised that many of us will still need to travel further than 15 minutes to get to work or other destinations by car. And we are planning for that. 

But we also want to make it convenient to get to everyday needs by other means - to give people more options for how they travel (walk, ride, bus or drive), promote healthier and more sustainable means of travel, and to help people that don’t have easy access to a private vehicle.