Community street stalls

Council can grant permission for community groups and not-for-profit organisations to hold stalls in public areas to promote information or raise money that will benefit the local community. The booking is free but you must obtain public liability insurance. If you wish to book a site at a shopping centre you will need to get permission from the shopping centre management.

If you see a stall holder behaving inappropriately, please report it to Council with enough detail (including photos if possible) so that we can take action.


Apply for a stall site

Step 1.Check you are eligible

Sites can be booked by:

  • community groups created to provide benefit to members of our local community
  • not-for-profits who use donations to pursue the organisation’s objectives and to keep the group running

Sites cannot be booked by:

  • paid fundraising agencies seeking donations, including agencies working on behalf of not-for-profit organisations (our community find these activities impact negatively on pedestrians, shoppers and local businesses)

Understand the terms and conditions

A community group can book a site for a maximum of 6 hours with a maximum of 3 bookings per annum in one site.

Stalls can be used to:

  • promote information that will benefit the local community, and/or
  • raise money for members of the local community

This could include raffles for sporting clubs or other groups providing information for mental health awareness within the region.

Stall cannot be used for activities such as:

  • begging, advertising, promotion of or sale of goods, political rallying, religious spruiking, artists displays and face or body painting 

We reserve the right to withdraw or refuse a booking at any time if the terms and conditions are not met.

Read the full  terms and conditions(PDF, 169KB)

Step 2.Obtain public liability insurance 

Stall holders must obtain their own Public Liability Insurance (for a minimum amount of $5 million) before booking a site.

The insurance must cover the booking use, legal liability to the public in respect of personal injury, and include City of Coffs Harbour as an interested party on the policy.

You must have a copy of the required insurance available when using the site so you can present it to any officer of City of Coffs Harbour who requests it. 

Step 3.Select your stall site

You can book one of these designated areas using our online form:


Footpath - Beach Street, Woolgoolga, outside the NAB

Footpath-  Nightingale Street, Woolgooga, outside the Pharmacy


Footpath - First Avenue, Sawtell, outside the RSL

Coffs Harbour

City Square Sails - Coffs Harbour, on the eastern corner of Harbour Drive and City Square

Please note: The laneway next to Woolworths in Park Avenue Coffs Harbour is a thoroughfare and bus stop and is therefor not appropriate as a stall site.

Step 4.Submit your application

You will need to indicate you have your insurance when you apply. The application should take about 5 minutes.

Book a designated area

To book outside a designated area, please send us an email detailing exactly where you would like to hold your stall.

What happens next?

You will see a confirmation screen in the booking system that your request has been accepted. You will also receive a confirmation email.

When you hold your stall, please remember to take a copy of your insurance with you. This insurance must be presented for inspection upon request of any of our officers.