Population data

We subscribe to .idcommunity which provides the latest demographic and economic data for our region. Data is sourced from Australian Bureau of Statistics and other relevant authorities and presented via via simple, clear, ables and charts with concisise factual commentary.

This tool is designed to inform our community groups, investors, businesses, students and the general public about the make-up of the local community. 

Community Profile

Information about the make-up of the local community based on census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Population Forecast

Population and household forecasts  Forecasts are provided for up to 20 years from the present data.

Community Atlas

The Community Atlas allows you to drill down on small areas' key socio-demographic characteristics with interactive maps.

Housing profile

Housing data presented via tables and charts with factual commentary.

Economic information

The Coffs Harbour Economic Insight Report is a quarterly publication that delivers key economic and business indicators relating to the local economy.

The Economic Profile  is derived from the Australian Bureau of Statistics as well as Australia's leading economic modellers NIEIR.

Other sources of data about our region include the Economy Data app and Community Data app hosted by the Regional Development Australia - Mid North Coast.