MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan

Through the MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan campaign, the Coffs Harbour community has collaborated to develop a vision and strategic plan to help take our local government area into the future.

MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan 2032 is the community’s plan. While the City of Coffs Harbour helps to develop and review the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) the NSW Government, Australian Government, non-government agencies, the private sector and the community all have a role in delivering the plan’s long-term objectives and outcomes.

Under the MyCoffs Community Vision of “connected, sustainable, thriving”, the plan sets out goals and priorities for the city over the next ten years and beyond.

It centres around four themes: Community Wellbeing, Community Prosperity, A Place for Community and Sustainable Community Leadership.

View the MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan 2032 below.


Download the MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan 2032(PDF, 7MB)   

The Community Strategic Plan is intended to represent the main priorities and aspirations of our community and is not intended to cover only Council services and facilities.

The Community Strategic Plan is the over-arching document in the City of Coffs Harbour's planning and reporting framework.

The local community developed its original Community Strategic Plan in 2009.

As a fast-growing regional city, it was considered appropriate to re-engage with the community to identify its strategic objectives and priorities following the 2021 local government elections.


Council regularly engages with the community when making decisions on their behalf.

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