Development on contaminated land

If you want to develop land that is contaminated, or has a history of contamination (e.g. former banana growing land), you may need to take steps to investigate, remediate and validate the land contamination as part of your development proposal. This is to ensure the land is suitable for the proposed land use. 

Develop on contaminated land

Step 1.Check whether your land is contaminated

We have mapped land contamination in our local government area. You can view this in our Online Mapping Tool by selecting the 'Planning & Environment' module and the 'Banana Cultivation 1943-94' layer. 

Access the Online Mapping Tool

To find out what the land contamination codes mean and how they will affect your proposed development, use our code descriptions document below.

Mapping land contamination code descriptions(PDF, 417KB)

Step 2.Seek advice

While we can provide some general information, we recommend you seek specialist guidance and advice on all aspects of land contamination from a Certified Contaminated Land Consultant.

Step 3.Assessment may be requested

When a Development Application (DA) is submitted for a property which is mapped as potentially contaminated, we will generally request it be assessed by a suitably accredited contaminated land consultant to determine whether the land is actually contaminated.

Step 4.If the land is not contaminated

If the consultant deems that the site is not contaminated, we will update our records and mapping system to reflect these findings. 

Step 5.If the land is contaminated

If contamination is found on the property, the Contamination Land Consultant will need to develop a Remedial Action Plan (RAP).

The RAP outlines the steps required to remediate the land to ensure it is suitable for its intended use.

Where remedial action has been carried out, the site must be validated to ensure that the objectives stated in the RAP have been achieved.  

Step 6.What if my land is not mapped as potentially contaminated but I know that a potentially contaminating land-use occurred on my land?

You will need to speak with a certified contaminated land consultant who can provide specialist guidance and advice on the potentially contaminating land-use.

It is also important to notify City of Coffs Harbour so that the contaminated land records for the site can be updated.