Who's responsible for the water meter?

The water meter on your property is a shared responsibility between the property owner and City of Coffs Harbour.


Your water meter and service responsibilities

  • City of Coffs Harbour is responsible for the water meter and the water service leading up to the meter. Any plumbing after the water meter is the responsibility of the property owner.
  • In order to help us read and maintain the water meter, it is the property owner's responsibility to ensure the meter is readily accessible at all times. This means that the area around and above the meter must be kept clear of obstructions and vegetation.

  • If you change the ground level around your water meter (by gardening or landscaping, etc) so that the distance from the ground level to the underside of the meter is less than 200mm, then you must have your water meter raised. Contact us for a quote. Once the quoted price is paid, we will raise the water meter to legal height.

  • It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that the meter is adequately protected.

  • The cost incurred by Council to repair any damage to the meter or meter point is recoverable from the property owner.

Our water meter and service responsibilities

Legally, any repairs up to and including the water meter can only be carried out by our staff. It is an offence for anyone other than City of Coffs Harbour staff to disconnect or tamper with the water meter or any apparatus fitted to the service line.

If you are unsure of your liability, you should contact us on 02 6648 4000 during business hours.