Construction certificates

Once you have lodged your development application and received consent from Council for your development, there are further steps you must take before you can start building or subdivision works.

Prior to construction commencing

Step 1.Appoint a Principal Certifier

Principal certifiers are building surveyors accredited by The Builders Professionals Board. They are responsible for ensuring that all work is undertaken in accordance with:

  • the approved development consent
  • the plans and specifications approved under the construction certificate, and
  • relevant building regulations.

They can issue construction certificates, complying development, occupation certificates and undertake critical stage inspections.

You can use Coffs Harbour City Council or a private certifier who has the proper accreditation and appropriate professional indemnity insurance.

Coffs Harbour City Council Certification Team

As a Coffs Harbour City Council certification client you will enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced accredited and local certifier with a proactive and common sense approach to assist in guiding you through the building certification process. 

We provide a fast and professional certification service, carry out inspections on every working day of the year (reports sent directly to your inbox) and are available via email and mobile phone to answer all your questions. 

Our aim is to provide a customer-centric, efficient and professional service on every project regardless of the size, scale or complexity to ensure the success of your project. 

Meet our team: 

  • Mark Hutchinson - Coordinator 
  • Trevor Burrell - Complying Development 
  • Andrew Knott - Certifier 
  • Joshua Rees - Certifier 

Contact us today on (02) 6648 4555

Step 2.Apply for a construction certificate

A construction certificate is a statement of intent that the proposed building or subdivision works are consistent with legislative requirements such as any development consent and relevant construction standards, such as the National Construction Code. 

The application must be accompanied by detailed plans and specifications. These must demonstrate that the works will comply with the relevant standards. Specific references to Australian Standards or relevant National Construction Code clauses within the specifications or on the plans instead of detailed plans may be sufficient to demonstrate compliance (reference to general compliance with Australian Standards and the National Construction Code is not sufficient).  

You can access development specifications used by Council to describe planning and design standards and construction standards.

You may apply for a construction certificate at the same time as submitting your development application. However, the application will not be considered until development consent has been issued and any relevant conditions of consent have been resolved. If you are required to make changes to your proposed development in order to obtain consent, you may need to submit additional information to reflect those changes. 

Construction Certificate Applications can only be submitted to Council online via the NSW Planning Portal.

You will need to register for an account with the Planning Portal in order to submit your application.

Go to the NSW Planning Portal

To understand how to use the NSW Planning Portal refer to the NSW Planning Portal's Quick Reference Guides.

For technical issues with using the NSW Planning Portal contact Service NSW’s Support Service.

Step 3.Check whether you need other approvals

If you are subdividing land you may need to obtain a subdivision certificate.

You may also need Section 68 approvals for things such as connecting to Council's water supply or sewer system. The types of activities that require separate Council approval are listed under Section 68 of the Local Government Act.

Step 4.If you appoint a private accredited certifier 

 If you appoint a private accredited certifier you must advise Council a their name and the date when development works will start.

To do this you must submit a Notice of Commencement Form at least two days before the work commences.