Condition of premises

What to do if your neighbour’s property is causing you a nuisance due to unmanaged waste, uncollected dog faeces, smelly bins, green swimming pools etc.

Complaints between neighbouring properties are generally considered a private matter and Council will generally not take compliance action.

Residential property

Step 1.Talk to your neighbour

Council encourages residents to resolve the problem in a friendly manner by talking to the person causing the nuisance.

People are often unaware that their activity or lack of property maintenance is causing a problem.

Step 2.Work with a mediator

You can contact a Community Justice Centre to arrange mediation with your neighbour.

Step 3.Contact Council

If direct conversation or mediation with your neighbour doesn't work, you can contact Council in writing, by phone or in person to discuss further using the contact details on this page.

What action will Council take?

Please be aware that complaints between neighbouring properties are generally considered a private matter. Council may provide information to the resident, but will generally not take compliance action.

Council will assess whether the complaint:

  • poses a public health risk, and
  • impacts the broader public, and
  • cannot be resolved privately, such as with private legal action.

If a complaint meets the above criteria, Council will undertake further investigation of the matter.

For further information on Council’s adopted response to complaints relating to the condition of premises please refer to the Compliance and Enforcement Policy.

Holiday house or rental property

If you have concerns relating to bedbugs, mould, green swimming pools, unsightly yards or unclean rooms in a holiday house or private rental, Council recommends you contact:

Council does not investigate these matters.