Alcohol regulated areas

City of Coffs Harbour, in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act,  has created alcohol regulated areas throughout the LGA.

The establishment and continued operation of these areas is one of the principle harm-minimisation strategies employed by local councils and the police to reduce the effect on the community of alcohol-related issues.

There are two types of alcohol regulated areas within the LGA:

  • Alcohol Free Zones (AFZ) operating over public roads, footpaths and public carparks, and
  • Alcohol Prohibited Areas (APA) within public parks and reserves.

Within these areas special conditions restrict the consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol Free Zones

These zones have been created over certain roads, footpaths and carparks  as indicated in the online mapping system.

Within an AFZ alcohol may not be consumed at any time (unless in conjunction with licensed outdoor dining, or BYO restaurants with approved outdoor dining, or Council-approved events). 

The legislation applies to everyone, including minors. Police have the power to seize and tip out or otherwise dispose of alcohol without the need to issue a warning. A Police officer or Council Ranger, may use their discretion to issue a warning to a person who is drinking in an alcohol free zone, for example, where the person may be unaware of the zone. It should also be noted that in circumstances where a person does not co-operate, they can be charged with obstruction under section 660 of the Local Government Act which carries a maximum penalty of $2,200.

The following AFZs were approved for four years from 30 November 2023 to 30 November 2027.

  • All AFZs that operate throughout the City (roads, footpaths and car parks)
  • A temporary AFZ  for the first Friday in August  for the Coffs Gold Cup Event in Howard Street, Coffs Harbour. 
  • Special Event Alcohol Free Zones (SEAFZ) for 24 hours from 6am on New Year's Eve and Australia Day in the following locations:
  • The Jetty Area
  • City Square
  • Coff Street
  • Park Beach

How to Apply for an Alcohol Free Zone

Read the guidelines provided by the Department of Local Government: Ministerial Guideline on Alcohol Free Zones(PDF, 101KB)

Complete the application for an AFZ: Application for an Alcohol Free Zone(PDF, 34KB)

Email the application or send it by post to: The General Manager Locked Bag 155 Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450

Alcohol Prohibited Areas APAs relate to City parks and reserves as indicated in the online map.

Alcohol prohibitions generally apply  between certain time periods, usually 9.00pm until 9.00am however there are some locations where  a 24-hour prohibition applies such as Coffs Harbour city centre parks.

Parks and reserves that have alcohol prohibitions in place have been clearly signposted with the prohibition period indicated on the sign.

During the prohibition period alcohol may not be consumed within the signed area. 

Fines apply and alcohol can be confiscated and disposed of by Police or City of Coffs Harbour Rangers during the prohibition period.

Outside of the signed prohibition period no restrictions apply and alcohol may be  consumed.

Temporary APAs were also approved on City reserves for 24 hours from 6am on New Years Eve and Australia Day (January 26th) .

Suspension of Alcohol Regulated Areas

Council is able to suspend or cancel an AFZ by passing a resolution. APAs may also be suspended for special occasions on request.

For more information please email your request or write to The General Manager Locked Bag 155 Coffs Harbour.