School Zones

School Zone traffic sign

To reduce speeding, illegal use of hand held devices, and illegal parking that puts children's safety at risk, double demerits apply for certain school zone offences. 

Speed limit

40 km/h 

Hours of operation

8.00am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4.00pm on school days

Markings and signage

All school zones in NSW are marked with school zone signs, pavement patches and dragons teeth markings. Flashing lights operate when the school zone is active.

Traffic offences

Offences that incur double demerits include:

  • parking in bus zones, no stopping and no parking areas
  • speeding
  • mobile phone use
  • U-Turns

More information about Transport for NSW offences and penalties 

Sign illustrating the meaning of traffic signs

City of Coffs Harbour has developed a flyer to help motorists make safe choices when driving and parking in a school zone.

Quick Guide to Road Rules in School Zones(PDF, 2MB) 

Visit the Transport NSW website for more detailed information on school zones 

See the support City of Coffs Harbour provides for schools on road safety and other programs on our Schools resources page

Report school zone safety concerns

Report dangerous driving in school zones to the Police Assistance Line 13 14 44 or contact your local police station

If there are ongoing issues or concerns for road safety in a school zone, we recommend you speak to the school in the first instance. The Department of Education employs a School Road Safety Education Officer who can assist the school with enquiries. 

Safety issues in the broader school vicinity are jointly managed by City of Coffs Harbour, Transport for NSW and the NSW Police. Some of the safety concerns raised around school zones can be addressed by behavioural education, but some may need to be assessed by the Local Traffic Committee for a technical solution. 

Visit the Transport NSW website for more information about responsibilities for managing safety around schools

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