Apply for naming or immemoriam recognition

The naming of reserves after significant individuals within a community is a longstanding Australian tradition.

In recognition of this, we provide an opportunity for members of the community to apply to have reserves named after a significant person. 

To ensure an equitable approach to the naming of Reserves, particularly in circumstances where individuals are proposed to be recognised on signage, Council has adopted a Reserve Naming and Memorial Policy.  

The Policy also provides an opportunity to recognise significant individuals on larger reserve infrastructure.

To be considered for recognition an individual or family must have a historical connection to the reserve and:

(a) made a significant contribution to the community

(b) or have demonstrated outstanding civic service

(c) or donated significant property or funds for community benefit

(d) and be widely known and respected within the community.

An application must also have the support of the person being nominated, or in the case of a deceased person, a representative of their family in order to be considered.

To apply for recognition via naming of reserves or reserve infrastructure, you will need to complete the Reserve and Infrastructure Naming form below.

Reserve and Reserve Infrastructure Naming Application form

Applications will be assessed and submitted to Council for consideration.

Eligible applications will then be advertised to gauge community support for the proposal.