Corporate planning and reporting

All Councils in NSW are tasked to produce a set of documents as part of the State Government Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) Framework.

These documents set out where Coffs Harbour wants to be in 10 years and how Council will respond to help achieve these aspirations through details of its budgets, activities and performance measures. 

The IPR documents are listed below.

Community Strategic Plan

The long-term aspirations of the Coffs Harbour community.

MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan(PDF, 34MB) (adopted 2017)

See previous Community Strategic Planning documents

Council regularly engages with the community when making decisions on their behalf through community engagement and also occasionally through community surveys.

Delivery Program

Council’s 4-year plan to action the MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan (including 4 year budgets).

The current Delivery Program has been extended to cover the year (2021-22) because of the 12-month deferral of the local government elections due to COVID-19.

Adopted 2017 - 2022 Delivery Program (Year 5)(PDF, 3MB)

Adopted 2021 - 2022 Delivery Program Budgets(PDF, 4MB)

Operational Plan

What Council will do in the current financial year to implement the Delivery Program. It includes detailed budgets as well as fees and charges schedules.

Adopted 2021 - 2022 Operational Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Adopted 2021 - 2022 Fees and Charges(PDF, 3MB)

Annual and 6-Monthly Reports 

How Council performed against the Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

Six Monthly Report: January - June 2021(PDF, 5MB)

Six Monthly Report: July - December 2020(PDF, 8MB)

Annual Report Section 1 - Significant Achievements 2020-21(PDF, 4MB)

Annual Report Section 2 - Regulatory Information inc GIPA and DIAP reports 2020-21(PDF, 2MB)

Annual Report Section 3 - Annual Financial Statements 2020-21(PDF, 4MB)

End of Term Reports

Prepared prior to the end of a Council term (4 years) and report on progress in achieving the Community Strategic Plan.

The planned 2020 End of Term Report was deferred to 2021 in line with the changed election cycle.

The most recent report is below.

End of Term Report (2021)(PDF, 6MB)

Resourcing Strategy

Council's Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Strategy and Workforce Management Plan.

On 25 June 2020, Council adopted its 2017-2022 Delivery Program (Year 4) and supporting documents.

Resourcing Strategy 2020(PDF, 10MB)

Archive of previous reports

See reports for previous years dating back to 2009/10