Economic development

The Coffs Harbour Economic Development Strategy(PDF, 2MB)  prioritises and focuses Council resources to address local needs and to guide decision making by Council, in alignment with State and Federal policies, business and the needs of the wider community.

The strategy outlines the actions to guide Council as they play a positive role in providing civic leadership to stimulate development, investment and sustainable employment while working collaboratively with the business community.

City Prosperity Group is responsible within Council for the implementation of:

City Prosperity Group consists of two sections Industry & Destination Development and Stadium & Major Events.

Industry & Destination Development

This section helps promote the Coffs Coast to potential leisure and business tourism visitors.  Growing the Coffs Coast as a tourism destination into the future is a key focus for the team. Marketing and promotion of the destination involves developing and delivering coordinated campaigns covering all media - print, television, radio, online and social media channels. Our visitors are also catered to through support of dedicated visitor information services and regular communication through email newsletters. 

The Destination Coffs Coast Committee (DCCC) supports the section's work and is made up of tourism industry operators, Councillors and Council staff. Find more information, including the committees terms of reference the Destination Coffs Coast Committee

Industry operators are well supported through DCCC, the Industry & Destination Development team and online via the Coffs Coast website.

Industry and Destination Development also supports existing businesses and new businesses by:

  • Providing economic information and data.
  • Offering businesses and investors a first point of contact regarding economic development activities.
  • Linking business operations with other government agencies and regional organisations to assist with business development and possible funding opportunities.
  • Assisting with regulatory requirements.

You can contact the team on 02 6648 4835  or via email to access relevant information and assistance to identify opportunities and create success. 

We invite you to subscribe to the latest in business news, events and opportunities via the latest Industry & Destination Development newsletter.

Stadium & Major Events

Events play a significant role in attracting large numbers of new and repeat visitors to Coffs Harbour, as well as providing a vibrant backdrop of activity, entertainment, education and wellbeing for residents of the broader Coffs Coast community.

The purpose of the Coffs Harbour Events Strategy 2020(PDF, 2MB) is to:

  •  Attract, grow and retain events in Coffs Harbour.
  •  Generate economic, social and community benefits.
  •  Provide expertise, frameworks and support for others to run successful events.

Our Stadium & Major Events section has a dedicated and holistic focus on events - stadium and other sporting events, major and civic events, as well as business and community events - on the Coffs Coast.

To find out more about upcoming events and opportunities with events in the LGA, visit the Coffs Coast events website.

Please contact the Stadium and Major Events team with any queries in relation to the events strategy or hosting events on the Coffs Coast via phone 02 6648 4950 or email