Buying or selling a property

If you are buying, selling or revamping a property, there are certain pieces of information you might need.

Access property information and certificates

Building Information Certificates

If you’re buying or selling a property and you suspect work may have been done without appropriate council or private certifier approvals, you can apply for a building information certificate (BIC).

This certificate ensures the whole or part of the building covered by the certificate won’t be subject to any regulatory action by the local council for 7 years.

Regulatory action could include:

  • demolishing, altering, adding to, or rebuilding
  • resolving any encroachment by the building onto land under council control.

You can apply online for a BIC via the NSW Planning Portal if you are:

  • the owner of the property
  • another person, with the consent of the property owner
  • the purchaser of a property under a contract of sale (including the purchaser’s solicitor or agent)
  • a public authority that has notified the owner of its intention to apply for the certificate.

Apply for a Building Information Certificate via the NSW Planning Portal.  

Other certificates

This online form is used to purchase the following certificates from us when buying or selling a property:

  •  10.7 (2) Certificate 
  •  Fast tracked 10.7 (2) Certificate (urgent fee included) 
  •  10.7 (2 & 5) Certificate 
  •  Fast tracked 10.7 (2 & 5) (urgent fee included) 
  •  603 Certificate 
  •  Fast tracked 603 (urgent fee included) 
  •  735A Certificate (Outstanding Notices and Orders) 
  •  Sewer Diagram (single property) 
  •  Sewer Diagram (contiguous parcels) 
  •  Special Water Meter Reading 

Fees for each are included in the form below.

Request for Certificates Form

Information available via our online mapping system

The following property information is available via our online mapping system:

  • Whether a property currently has availability to City of Coffs Harbour's Sewerage Network
  • Rate Type (Rating Category)
  • Zoning
  • Property Address
  • Legal Description (Lot, DP, SP etc)
  • The amount of latest annual Rate Levy
  • Whether a property currently has Postponed Rates
  • Property Area (in square metres) 

You can access this information by clicking on the online mapping tool and following these 3 simple steps:

Click on the toolbox icon

Once in the Mapping System, click on the toolbox icon on the right hand side of the viewer (has a spanner and screwdriver).  This opens the toolbox.

Search tab in the toolbox ribbon

Click on the Search tab in the toolbox ribbon, these are all the search options for Geocortex.

There are 3 difference ways to search for an address:

  • Search by Property Number – Click on the Property Number Search box and enter the City of Coffs Harbour Property Number which can be found on rates and water account information, click the Search button to search, OR
  • Search by Lot and DP – Click on the Search by Lot & DP button. Enter your Lot and DP (and section if applicable) and click OK, OR
  • Search by Address – Click on the Address Search button, as you type the address a filter list of matching address will display. Select the one you are after and hit Search. For this search to work the address must be recognized in our property system.

Select 'Property Information' feature

A successful search will bring up the searched property on the mapping interface with a pin over the located property.

To display the associated property information make sure the Property Information feature is checked on in the layer list then click on the Identify button found in the Home panel of the ribbon and then click on the property to be queried.

This will load and display the property information for this and other features. Click the feature heading for more information relating to that layer. 

Access our Online Mapping system