Short term rental accommodation

Providing Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) either hosted (where the host lives on the premises­), or non-hosted, is commonly associated with booking platforms such as 'Airbnb' and 'Stayz', but can also include traditional holiday rentals through property managers.

Report an issue with a STRA

If you are having issues with a Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) provider, you can check whether they are on the NSW Government’s STRA register and are following the STRA code of conduct, which includes consideration of neighbours.

To make a complaint to the NSW Government which registers STRAs, call ServiceNSW on 1300 305 695

We can take action where unauthorised building works take place on the house or apartment.

We are also able to apply to the NSW Government to reduce the number of days that a non-hosted STRA can operate from 365 days per year to 180 days per year where significant land use conflict is proven in particular localities.

For this reason we are keeping a register of complaints and will investigate localities where STRAs may be creating significant issues.

To register a complaint with us call 02) 6648 4000

If the property is part of an Owner’s Corporation

Owners Corporations can adopt by-laws that ban STRA in lots that are not the host’s principal place of residence. However, if the host lives in a strata property as their principal place of residence, they will still be able to rent out their home or rooms while they live there, or while they are temporarily away.

Register as a provider

You do not need approval from City of Coffs Harbour to operate Short Term Rental Accommodation. You must however register with the NSW Government.

To register as a provider of Short Term Rental Accommodation your house or apartment must have been lawfully constructed for the purposes of residential accommodation and meet the fire safety standards.

If your dwelling is part of a Strata Title Scheme (Owner’s Corporation), the by-laws must permit the lot to be used for STRA.

You must also agree to follow a code of conduct.

STRA is NOT permitted in boarding houses, seniors housing, rural workers dwellings, ecotourist facilities, hostels, camping grounds, caravan parks, moveable dwellings, group homes, refugee or crisis accommodation or within tourist and visitor accommodation uses (which includes serviced apartments). 

For more information see the NSW Planning, Industry and Environment's web page on Short Term Rental Accommodation.