Works in kind agreements

A Works in Kind (WIK) agreement is a voluntary agreement between the City and a developer.

A WIK agreement requires for a developer to undertake works, or part of works, that are included in a S7.11 Contributions Plan or a Development Servicing Plan. These works are undertaken in full or part satisfaction of payment of a charge imposed in a development consent or complying development certificate. 

These agreements are made under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Water Management Act 2000

This page includes the City's:

How WIK's are managed at the City of Coffs Harbobur

Step 1.Offer of a WIK

  1. Review the City's WIK Agreements Information Requirements-Factsheet(PDF, 152KB).
  2. Complete and submit the City's Offer of a Works in Kind Proposal online form.
  3. The City will notify you of an outcome of the preliminary review of the offer:
    • If the City is supportive of the offer the WIK will progress to agreement review.
    • If the City does not support the offer you may review and resubmit an offer based on the feedback provided. 

Step 2.Agreement review

  1. Complete and submit the City's Application for a Works In Kind online form. This can only be submitted after a proposal as been submitted and accepted by the City and a development consent has been issued. 
  2. The City will draft the agreement for review and acceptance by the developer. 
  3. Once the agreement has been accepted by all parties it will be progressed for endorsement and execution.

Step 3.Agreement endorsement and execution

  1. The WIK agreement will be endorsed by the City's Strategic Contribution Working Group.
  2. The WIK agreement will be executed by the developer and the relevant City representative.

Step 4.Agreement supervision

  1. The works in the agreement will be undertaken by the developer and supervised by the City as detailed in the agreement.