Business and development incentives

Coffs Harbour City Centre Development Incentive Policy

The Coffs Harbour City Centre Development Incentive Policy contains opportunities for developers to be exempt from developer contribution charges, if they build residential or tourist accommodation in the city centre. The period of exemption is to available until 23 May 2023, or until a maximum cap (incentive allowance) of $2,500,000 is reached, whichever occurs first.

Development being targeted by this policy includes residential projects that contain four or more large units, or tourist accommodation and shop-top housing projects that contain at least one large unit.

For more information on these incentives take a look at the Coffs Harbour City Centre Development Incentive Policy.

For more information about how to take advantage of this incentive please call the Contributions Team on 02 6648 4285.

If you have submitted your development application, established that you are eligible and would to apply for this incentive please complete and submit the Development Incentive Application Form.

Business Incentive Policy

The Business Incentive Policy expired in December 2022. Applications made prior to the policy's expiration remain valid. The City will continue to review the eligibility of applications as required by the incentive type outlined in the policy.

Incentive Policy Register

Incentive Policy Register(PDF, 570KB) can be used to track incentive application requests and view remaining incentive balances.