Undertake work on a public road

City of Coffs Harbour is responsible for managing the occupation of the road reserve (road-way and road-side) by others who undertake works within the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area. 

Typical examples of work in the road reserve include:  road occupancy, construction zones, hoarding, road openings and storage of materials.

Apply to undertake work on a public road

Step 1.Allow enough time

Short term works

Allow 5 working days for your application to be processed for short-term works.

Construction Zone

Allow 3 months for any application concerning the placement of a Construction Zone. This type of application must be presented to the Local Traffic Committee to provide recommendations before it can be approved by City of Coffs Harbour.

Step 2.Understand the conditions

Permits are issued subject to the conditions listed at the end of the application form. Please make sure you read the conditions before applying for a permit.

Please note work not completed to our specifications will be rectified by us at the Applicant’s expense.

Step 3.Apply for a permit

Proof of currency for Public Liability insurance in amount of $20M is required for all applications.

Complete the form below and return with payment to us.

Check the fees and charges

Application to Undertake Works on Public Road

Failure to complete the application form correctly or provide all necessary information will result in delays in processing.

Step 4.Check underground services

Council has extensive underground services (eg. drainage, water, sewage and optic fibre) within the road Reserve.

In addition to Dial Before You Dig, please consult with our Technical Officer Water at least 5 working days prior to any works commencing on the road reserve. 

Failure to obtain a permit

Failure to obtain a permit or non-compliance with the permit conditions is a breach of the Local Government Act 1993 as amended and/or the Roads Act 1993 as amended. Infringements will be issued in accordance with the regulations of these acts.