Environmental levy

City of Coffs Harbour introduced the Environmental Levy as a means of undertaking environmental management works.

The levy currently raises around $1.3 million per annum for local environmental works at an average cost of $44 per rate payer.

We recognise the value and importance in providing an environmental program that offers and delivers opportunities to help sustain and improve the local environment.

The Environmental Levy Policy sets out the framework for how the funds are allocated.

The Environmental Levy is allocated in two streams: 75% of the  fund is allocated to Major Strategic Projects and 25%  to the Environmental Levy Grants program.


Environmental Levy Grants Program

Under the Program, grants are available to community organisations for projects starting from 1 July each financial year, worth between $2,000 and $25,000 per project.

The objectives of the Environmental Levy Grants Program are to ensure that the allocation of Environmental Levy funds support the achievement of the MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan - A natural environment sustained for the future:

  • We protect the diversity of our natural environment (C2.1)
  • We use resources responsibly to support a safe and stable climate (C2.2)

Applications for the 2023/2024 Environmental Levy Grants Program open Friday 17 March and close Friday 28 April. Submission is available through the online application form.

Environmental Levy Grants Program Online Application Form

Note that a link to your draft application will be available once saved for up to 15 days to return and submit.


Environmental Levy major strategic projects and programs

Major Strategic projects and programs funded by the Environmental Levy are long term and strategically important. They are included in the four-year Delivery Program adopted by Council.

Environmental Levy funding is provided by an annual allocation over the four-year term. The current Delivery Program commenced 1 July 2022.

Areas for consideration include:

  • Environmental Levy Coordination
  • Bush Regeneration
  • Environmental Weed Management
  • Biodiversity Strategies
  • Waterway Health Initiatives
  • Coastal Initiatives
  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Health and Water Quality Research Initiatives

Projects and programs may be delivered by City of Coffs Harbour or in partnership with or through community organisations, research institutions and/or other government bodies. 

Environmental Levy Major Strategic Projects for 2022/23:

Applicant Project Name Amount ($)
City of Coffs Harbour Conservation & Sustainable Management of the Natural Environment 160,768
City of Coffs Harbour Environmental Levy Coordination 64,000
City of Coffs Harbour Improving Diversity within CHCC Bushland Reserves 180,000
City of Coffs Harbour Management of Key Environmental Weeds within Council Managed Lands 101,000
City of Coffs Harbour Community Sustainable Living Program 145,710
Jetty Dunecare Inc Boambee Creek to Coffs Creek: Rehabilitation of coastal corridor connections 100,000
Orara Valley Rivercare Groups Management Committee Orara River Rehabilitation Project 228,016
Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare
Supporting Community Landcare Action in the Coffs Harbour LGA 235,515
Jaliigirr Biodiversity Alliance Jaliigirr Biodiversity Alliance program support 14,625
Total amount of funding 1,229,634

Successful Projects 2022/23 Environmental Levy Grants Program Round One


Project Name

Amount ($)

Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare

Growing Our Future 2022/2023


Coffs Harbour and District Local Aboriginal Land Council

Improving Our Coast - Part 3


Workways Australia (Envite)

Koala Corridor Improvement in Boambee East/Toormina


Workways Australia (Envite)

Coffs Harbour Native Seedbank


Glenreagh Mountain Railway

Mixophyes Iteratus Giant Barred Frog Habitat Restoration


Jaliigirr Biodiversity Alliance

Glossy Black Cockatoo Conservation project


Nana Glen Landcare Group Inc

Rehabilitating the Coldwater Creek Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR39744) maintenance phase


National Parks and Wildlife Services

 Koala Education Kit - Primary Schools


Sandy Beach Action Group


Revegetation and maintenance of Sandy Beach Reserve


Total amount of funding



Successful Projects 2022/23 Environmental Levy Grants Program Round Two


Project Name

Amount ($)

Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare

Collection & propagation of Lowland Rainforest plants prior to Coffs Bypass construction


Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare

Focus on native flora and fauna


First Light Farm

Green Corridor connecting Conservation Zone (C2) to Riparian Zone - Stage 1 and Riparian Restoration of Corindi Creek


National Marine Science Centre, Southern Cross University

Evaluation of methods to restore remnant shellfish reefs in Woolgoolga Lake


New Earth Regeneration

Tree Fern Creek Habitat Corridor - Targeting High Priority Vine Weeds


Total amount of funding