Sign up to receive your rates and water by email

To receive your rates and water accounts by email instead of by post follow the steps below.

You need to set up your rates and water accounts separately as they each have their own reference numbers. 

Register for eNotices

Step 1.Read the terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions before registering for this service.

Terms and Conditions of Use(PDF, 332KB)

Step 2.Locate your eNotice Reference Number

You will find the eNotice Reference Number on your:

  • Rate notice (on the back)
  • Water bill (on the front)

Step 3.Go to the eNotice portal

Open the eNotice portal

Click the 'Sign up' tab.

Sign up tab to be selected

Enter your email address and eNotice Reference Number (found on the back of your rate notice and the front of your water bill).

Click 'Sign Up'. 

Step 4.Verify your details

Click 'Yes' to confirm the name, account number, and property address are correct.

Click yes or no to verify your details

Step 5.Validate your account

Check your email inbox for the 'Start using eNotices' email.

Open it and click on the 'Start' link.

Step 6.Set your password

Clicking the 'Start' link will take you back to your eNotices Portal.

Enter your phone number. If you don't have a mobile you can enter your landline phone number.

Select a password. It must be at least 8 characters.

Click 'Continue'. You will then be taken to your dashboard.

To add another notice

To sign up for another notice (water or rates) either at the same property or another property, click on 'Add your notice' to enter your next eNotice Reference Number and follow the prompts.

Select add notice