How to apply for a role with us

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We’re always looking for great new talent to join our team! Applying for a role with us is simple and involves three stages:

  1. Before you apply

    Before you apply, let’s make sure you’ve got everything ready.

    • Review the position description – Make sure you’re across the role and meet the requirements.
    • Review your resume – this is our first impression of you, so make sure it is up to date and tells us all the important stuff.
    • Write your cover letter – this will help us to understand why the City of Coffs Harbour is right for you. Tell us about your motivations for applying and why you think you’re a great fit. But remember, keep it short and succinct!

  2. Time to apply

    You’ve reviewed the position description, updated your resume and completed your cover letter — it’s now time to apply!

    • Head to our Careers Page and click Apply Now on the position you are applying for.
    • You’ll be asked to complete an application form that includes your contact details – triple check these as this is how we will contact you with updates on your application.
    • Complete the targeted questions – these questions are directly related to the role you are applying for and help us to understand your suitability for the role.
    • Upload your resume and cover letter. Please ensure that these documents are in a compatible format. Formats accepted by our system include: Word doc, PDF and JPG.
    • Click Submit

    You’ll receive an email to confirm your application has been submitted. If you have any questions, you can contact us on 02 6648 4000 or email the team at

  3. You’ve been shortlisted – It’s interview time!

At the City of Coffs Harbour, we recruit based on merit and fit for a role. If you have been shortlisted for a position, we will invite you in for an interview to ensure you are the right fit for the team – and we’re the right fit for you. Keep your phone on and emails handy as we will initially try to contact you via phone and then follow up with an email with the details of your interview.

If unfortunately you haven’t been shortlisted this time, keep trying! We are always looking for great new talent. 

Need help? Email our Recruitment team at or call 02 6648 4000

Download our one page flyer outlining How to apply for a role with us(PDF, 214KB)

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