Wood smoke pollution

Smoke from wood heaters can be a major cause of air pollution which can be detrimental to human health.

Harmful smoke pollution can be drastically reduced if we improve the way we use our wood heaters.

Although wood heaters tend to smoke when being lit or re-fuelled, there is no reason for wood heaters to smoke excessively if they are correctly installed, operated and are well maintained.

What owners of wood heaters can do to reduce pollution

For advice on purchasing a new wood heater, including the installation, operation and maintenance, refer to the Australian Home Heating Association.

For advice on reducing smoke from your wood heater, refer to the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

Talking to your neighbours

If chimney smoke becomes a problem in your neighbourhood, we recommend you try resolve the issue amicably by talking to the person causing the excessive smoke.

This approach also helps to maintain a good relationship with your neighbour.

If this fails to resolve the matter, a complaint can be lodged to City of Coffs Harbour in writing, by phone or in person (see our contact details on this page).

For further information on our adopted response to complaints relating to excessive smoke please refer to the Compliance and Enforcement Policy.