Reading your water meter

Save money and water

You don't have to wait for a bill to arrive to tell you how much water you are using. Regularly reading your water meter will help you keep your water bills down by being aware of your water use and could also save you lots of money if you identify a hidden leak early.

For most single-dwelling properties, your water meter should be located somewhere along the front boundary of your property. If you can't find your water meter, you can call the City of Coffs Harbour on 02 6648 4000 to find out where it is.

Reading your water meter

There are different types of water meters, but the most common ones in Coffs Harbour are like reading your car odometer. Your water bill is charged by the amount of kilolitres (kL) you have used. 1 Kilolitre = 1,000 litres of water. Kilolitres are usually black figures on white background.

This meter has a reading of 2,653 kilolitres.  The small dials indicate 100s, 10s, 1s & 1/10s of litres.


This meter has a reading of 853 kilolitres. The red figures show the number of additional litres used (721.9).



Record your meter readings

To get the biggest benefit from reading your water meter, the City of Coffs Harbour recommends reading your water meter at the same regular intervals, for example, every Sunday afternoon or the 12th day of every month.

Regularly reading your water meter is one thing, but what do you do with all these readings? There's not much point reading your water meter regularly if you don't record all the readings in the same place. The City of Coffs Harbour has produced a Water Meter Reading Home Record for you to print and keep to, assist in recording your water meter readings.

Water Meter Reading Home Record(PDF, 194KB)