Monitoring our waterways

Southern Cross University conducts studies into the impact that intensive plant agriculture, such as blueberries, is having on our waterways. Coffs Harbour City Council has part funded these studies using the Environmental Levy.

Council is continuing to work with industry bodies, other levels of government and Southern Cross University to reduce impacts on our waterways from intensive plant agriculture.

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Nutrient transport and sources in headwater streams surrounded by intensive horticulture

Shane A. White; Stephen R. Conrad; Rebecca L. Woodrow; James P. Tucker; Wei Wen Wong; Perran M. Cook; Christian J. Sanders, Praktan D. Wadnerkar; Kay L. Davis; Ceylena J. Holloway; Isaac R. Santos

July 2020

Southern Cross University  

Funded under the 2018/19 round of the Environmental Levy

Investigating trace metal transport mechanisms in an intensive horticultural catchment 

Stephen R. Conrad; Christian J. Sanders; Isaac R. Santos; Shane A. White 1

5 July 2019

Southern Cross University 

Funded under the 2018/19 round of the Environmental Levy

Heavy metal deposition in estuary sediments downstream of intensive peri-urban and horticulture development

Stephen R. Conrad, Isaac R. Santos, Ceylena J. Holloway, Shane A. White, Praktan D. Wadnerkar, Rebecca L. Woodrow, Christian J. Sanders

Southern Cross University  

Funded under the 2020/21 round of the Environmental Levy

Heavy-metal-deposition-in-estuary-sediments-downstream-of-intensive-peri-urban-and-horticulture-development.pdf(PDF, 1MB)


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