Driving on beaches

Find out which beaches you can access with your vehicle in the the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA) and the rules you must follow.

Check the guidelines

These guidelines apply for all vehicles accessing beaches:

  1. Vehicles must use officially constructed beach access track when entering and exiting the beach.
  2. Vehicles are to drive below the high tide mark whenever possible and, during high tide, drive as close to the high tide mark as possible.
  3. Driving on dunal areas is strictly prohibited.
  4. The maximum vehicle speed is 25 km/h within 100 metres of pedestrians and beach users and 50 km/h at other times.
  5. Vehicles accessing beaches must be registered and their drivers must hold a valid driver's licence. Laws relating to drug and alcohol use on NSW roads are applicable to beaches in the Coffs Harbour LGA.
  6. Vehicles using designated beaches must park responsibly away from dunes, vegetation or threatened species areas.
  7. Enquiries regarding vehicle access on non-designated beaches for a special purpose should be directed to our Strategic Asset Management Group, in writing.
  8. Commercial fishing may access non-designated beaches only in accordance with their designated permit conditions.
  9. Ultra-light aircraft and motorised hang gliders are prohibited on all beaches within Coffs Harbour City area.

Read our full Vehicles on Beaches Policy

Temporary closures

City of Coffs Harbour and other government agencies may close 4WD vehicle access to beaches for beach management, emergency management, monitoring of wildlife, safety and general operations as required.

City of Coffs Harbour also reserves the right to close a beach when there are known sea turtle nests or bird nests where vehicles may impact the nests.

Beach users are encouraged to report sighting of shorebird nesting and marine turtles to National Parks and Wildlife Services (02) 6650 2900.

Report illegal driving on beaches

To report illegal driving on beaches, or bad behaviour please use the Snap Send Solve app.

Commericial fishers

  1. 4WD Vehicles are permitted on beaches within the Coffs Harbour LGA, as defined by way of maps in Section 9 to the Vehicles on Beaches policy.
  2. Commercial Fishers are permitted to access beaches in accordance with the Fisheries Management Act 1994 and Regulations, and the management rules of the Solitary Islands Marine Park.
  3. Vehicles must access via designated access points and abide by the Guidelines for 4WD users.