Rescue Tubes

Lifeguards opening a rescue tube storage box

We keep rescue tubes in storage boxes at a number of local beaches. Anyone can access a rescue tube to help someone drowning stay afloat.

Only attempt a rescue with a tube if:

  • there is no lifeguard available
  • there is no-one with a flotation device like a surfboard available
  • you are a strong swimmer

Always call 000 before you attempt a rescue.

Never attempt a rescue without a flotation device.

Remember: when you swim between the red and yellow flags an expert lifeguard or lifesaver is looking out for you and help isn't far away.

See beach patrol times and locations

How to use a rescue tube

Watch this 30 second video to find out how to use a Rescue Tube.


Video transcript

Voice over: “Rescue Tubes are a flotation device that can help our mates and family stay safe.”

Visual: beach scene showing Coffs Coast scenery and beach goers: group of mates and family.

Voice over: “If someone’s in distress”

Visual: person distressed in the water/someone spotting patient.

Voice over: “Call Triple Zero.”

Visual: person types ‘000’ into phone.

Voice over: “Get a surfer’s assistance if possible”

Visual: surfer disappears into distance, demonstrating no surfer around.

Voice over: “If you’re a strong swimmer: retrieve tube and place strap over head and one shoulder. Pull tube behind you.”

Visual: person enters water with Rescue Tube over shoulder, trailing behind them.

Voice over:  “When approaching patient, push tube towards them. Instruct them to hold on and remain calm.”

Visual: rescuer reaches people in the water, pushes tube towards them and they hold on.

Voice over: “Hold onto tube with patient. Raise one arm, wait for help and float to survive”.

Visual: Rescuer and patients float in the water.

Voice over: “Remember, always swim between the flags”.

Visual: Lifeguard and Surf Lifesavers standing in between the flags watching the water.

Credit: See local rescue tube locations:
A City of Coffs Harbour beach safety program proudly supported by Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour

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Submit a tube report

Please let us know if a remote rescue tube:

  • is used in a rescue or attempted rescue
  • has been damaged or vandalised or
  • is missing (either lost or stolen)

Submit a tube report

Support the rescue tube program

The rescue tube roll-out is a City of Coffs Harbour beach safety program, supported by key partners including Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour.

If you or your organisation want support this program contact:

Greg Hackfath
Lifeguard Services Team Leader
0418 285 073

Find out more about the project on our Have your Say website 

Rescue tube locations

We are installing rescue tubes across all our beaches as funding becomes available. 

Sawtell Main Beach

  • Sawtell Memorial Rock Pool
  • Entrance to beach from Boronia Park car park
  • By viewing platform at entry to beach from Park Street dunes/Tracks
  • By Lifeguard Tower Sawtell Suf Club

Sawtell Beach North/Murrays Beach

  • At bottom of steps dunes entry to beach from Third Ave
  • At bottom of pathway through dunes from Twenty Second Ave
  • In dunes on path from Twenty-second avenue
  • At beach end of path through dunes accessed form Twenty Second/Eighteenth Ave
  • At bottom of steps leading up to Boambee Headland

Boambee Beach

  • Front of dune adjacent to creek mouth.
  • South side of headland

Gallows Beach

  • Infront of western end of car park at Gallows beach.

North Wall Beach

  • Adjacent vehicle access at South end of beach.
  • Adjacent northern most walking access near creek.

Park Beach

  • Coffs Creek on edge of dune. (Southern end)
  • Lifeguard Tower (Southern end).
  • Adjacent walking access from Platform between Bowling Club and Lifeguard Tower.
  • Adjacent walking access behind Bowling Club.
  • Adjacent walking access behind Hoey Moey.
  • Platform at Macauleys Carpark.

Diggers Beach

  • Adjacent walking track at South end of beach.
  • Adjacent walking track from centre carpark.
  • Adjacent stairs at north end of beach.

Moonee Beach

  • Moonee Beach South, ocean side of creek.
  • Moonee Beach North (Shelley)

Emerald Beach

  • Emerald Beach Reserve

Sandy Beach

  • Sandy Beach north
  • Sandy Beach north
  • Sandy Beach middle
  • Sandy Beach south

Mullaway Beach

  • Mullaway beach south
  • Mullaway beach north
  • Red Rock south
  • Red Rock north
  • Little Beach


Always swim between the red and yellow flags on patrolled beaches. Remember.... NO FLAGS = NO SWIM!