Lost animals

Council will make every effort to return a pet to its owner if the animal is microchipped and has a current registration prior to impounding. 

Council may impound dogs and cats under certain circumstances as we are the local impounding authority under the Companion Animals Act 1998.

What happens to my pet if it is impounded?

If your animal is identifiable - microchipped or has a tag with a name, address or phone number - then you will receive written notice that your animal has been impounded at the Council Pound.

Time limits

Animals with an identifiable owner will be kept for a maximum of 14 days and unidentified animals will be kept for only 7 days.

The return of the animal will be to the owner in person or an appointed agent only.


There is a cost associated with the release of your pet from impounding, this is covered under Council's adopted Fees & Charges

Additional fees and charges apply for dogs and cats which are not microchipped or currently lifetime registered with Council.