Coffs Creek and Park Beach

The Coffs Creek and Park Beach Flood Study(PDF, 13MB) for the Coffs Creek (and tributaries) catchment completed in 2018, updates older flood estimates using more accurate terrain data, an improved understanding of local rainfall patterns, and more sophisticated modelling techniques. It also considers the impact of the detention basins and other recent flood mitigation improvements.

City of Coffs Harbour has also used this information to review drainage strategies for the Park Beach area. Park Beach Management Options Assessment - May 2018(PDF, 12MB)  uses the new flood model to assess drainage modifications in the residential and commercial areas of the Park Beach area. The study assesses the reduction in flood damage costs for the various modifications and provides a benefit cost ratio for each option.

A Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan for Coffs Creek catchment was completed in 2005, of which all recommended mitigation have now been investigated or completed.

Current Works and Projects

A review of the Coffs Creek Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan is currently underway and due for completion in 2023.

Past Work

As recommended in the 2005 Floodplain Risk Mangement Plan for Coffs Creek catchment, 4 detention basins have been built to reduce flood risk the last of which was completed in December 2018. Read about our Flood mitigation programme.