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Build the Best Bypass

Build the Best Bypass

Council, on behalf of the community thanks our State and Federal Governments for supporting our request to use tunnels...

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We currently have a wide range of opportunities available for people to join our team...

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Have Your Say

Council have endorsed the exhibition of the draft revised Business Incentive Policy which aims to stimulate business development...

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Watch Out – Koalas About!

Have you seen a koala recently? Its breeding season again on the Coffs Coast which means that koalas are on the move...

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Middle Creek

Middle Creek Catchment Flood Study Review

Residents of Sawtell, Toormina and Boambee East, along with the wider community are being asked to give feedback on their experiences with flooding in the Middle Creek Catchment...

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Still Life in Art

Fourteen local artists along with 42 other entries from across Australia are in the running to win $30,000 in Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery’s prestigious art prize...

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Education Kits

Education kits are available for some of our exhibitions to support school visits to the Gallery. The kits are designed to provide background information on the exhibitions, artists and different art forms. They can be used across a range of Education Stages.


​Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery has a longstanding association with the still life genre and in 2017 this new award opened to all Australian artists working in any medium. It has brought a fresh and contemporary exploration of still life's enduring themes; life and death, reverence for familiar objects and the meaning and memory they carry.

The new phase of the award aims to expand interest in still life and reveal the treasure trove of ideas and conversations it allows us to have and this education resource aims to assist that discussion in the classroom.

With sponsorship support from leading local businesses and professional services including Major Sponsor, Mercedes-Benz Coffs Coast and Supporting Sponsors; Bryant Mckinnon Lawyers, saso.creative and Moving Art; Still: National Still Life Award has come into being.

Particular thanks go to Heather McKinnon of Byant Mckinnon Lawyers Coffs Harbour whose focus on the importance of the arts in education has enabled this resource to be commissioned.

It is designed to be freely available as a downloadable kit to Australian teachers of the K-12 syllabus but also has value for other art learning environments including TAFE and will be updated biennially alongside the award.

You can download the National Still Life Award 2017 Education Resource for Teachers here:

STILL Education Resource for Teachers_FINAL-page-001.jpg

Download Still Life: A History here:


Download STILL: The Artists here:

STILL-The Artists FINAL-page-001.jpg






The Clay Intersections education kit explores the inspiration, influences, techniques and aesthetic concerns behind the work of some of Australia's leading ceramic artists. The information provided presents teachers and students with background knowledge that should assist them in building a greater understanding of the artists' work and the expressive possibilities of ceramics. The questions, research and making activities will support students to develop their own projects and create awareness of the artists' methods.

Clay Intersections is an ADC On Tour national touring exhibition, first presented by Australian Design Centre in 2016.

Australian Design Centre is supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments. Australian Design Centre is assisted by the New South Wales Government through Create NSW, and the Australian government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

You can download the Clay Intersections Education Kit here:

Tania Rollond, Between Going and Staying (installation view), 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.


​The Tamworth Regional Gallery is renowned for its Tamworth Textile Triennial.

The Triennial, held every three years, showcases the best of textile art from across the country, attracting artist participation from all states in Australia, wide audiences and critical review. The Triennial also assists to continue the development of their textile collection, as many works are purchased for the Tamworth Regional Gallery's permanent collection.

Open House: 3rd Tamworth Textile Triennial clearly connects Tamworth Regional Gallery to that past, while also consolidating the gallery's identity and engagement with its community today. Included in the exhibition are both nationally acclaimed and local textile artists, some of whom initiated the inaugural textile exhibitions in Tamworth.

This third triennial is an opportunity to build on the rich cultural history and reputation established by the preceding biennials and triennials, while creating meaningful audience engagement by stimulating new conversations about who we are and where we come from. Open House: 3rd Tamworth Textile Triennial provides an opportunity to tell important national narratives, to deliver work of significance, selected from across the country, and to continue this important story.


The Tamworth Regional Gallery has developed an extensive Education Kit that is available for Open House Education Kit.

The Tamworth Regional Gallery has also developed a Children's Art Trail for use in the exhibition space and this is designed for children and families to better understand and experience Open House: 3rd Tamworth Textile Triennial. Download the Children's Art Trail here.



​This resource provides information and curriculum connections for secondary students viewing recent works by South Australian ceramic artist Gerry Wedd.

Curriculum connections throughout this resource address State frameworks developed by New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victorian education departments in response to the Australian National Curriculum developed by ACARA, the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority.

Curriculum Priorities specified by ACARA addressed in this resource include links to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience and connections with Asian culture.

This JamFactory Icon Exhibition is one of an annual event celebrating South Australian masters of creative excellence. ICON exhibitions present work by established designer makers in the JamFactory Exhibition Gallery.

The exhibitions clever title 'Gerry Wedd: Kitschen Man' is a colourful hybrid identifying Wedd as a man of kitchens and a celebrant of questionable taste i.e. kitsch. Kitchens and kitsch are foundation themes of Gerry's work and although the words sound similar their meanings and origins are linguistically different.

• Kitsch originated from German meaning carelessly thrown together, shoddy or tacky. Kitsch is now a disparaging term describing poor taste in the arts.

• Kitchens have been significant for Wedd since he was a child and his work celebrates their broad role in Australian cultural life. As a boy his family kitchen was the home of his early pottery experiences as he helped his mother, Felicity, in her pottery business.

• Wedd's kitsch style rebels against good taste and acceptability. Although he often applies a convoluted decoration style, his pots are not decorated for the sake of decoration; Wedd's embellishments almost camouflage his bigger theme of human amorality, as in Banal Pot, about the CIA's Abu Ghraib gaol.

Download the Gerry Wedd: Kitschen Man JamFactory Icon Education Kit here:









This exhibition features contemporary works of art by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from five remote communities in Australia. The exhibition allows students to experience the diversity of clay as a medium, and study it within the context of how Indigenous artists are using the versatility of the material to express themselves artistically and culturally. This is an area of Indigenous arts that have previously not been widely explored. All artists and art centres face limitations due their remoteness, and it is a testament to the Art Centre Managers that they have been able to help facilitate this exhibition.

This education kit includes:
· Images of some of the exhibiting artists and their artworks
· Background information on one artist from each of the five featured remote Indigenous communities
· Information regarding technique and/or artist’s art centre
· Information regarding the region from where the artist lives

All information has been sourced directly from the Art Centres and from the artists, in the formation of the exhibition, and most of the information also features in the catalogue ‘Clay Stories – Contemporary Indigenous Ceramics from Remote Australia, 2017’ created by Sabbia Gallery

Artists featured in this Education Kit:
Elizabeth Dunn – Ernabella Arts, APY Lands
Ellarose Savage – Erub Arts, Darnley Island, Torres Strait
Nephi Denham – Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre, Cardwell
Judith Pungkarta Inkamala – Hermannsburg Potters, Central Desert
Jock Puautjimi – Tiwi Design, Bathurst Island

Exhibition & Education Kit has been created by Sabbia Gallery, Sydney
Images & information courtesy of Sabbia Gallery & the participating Art Centres

Download the Clay Stories: Contemporary Indigenous Ceramics from Remote Australia Education Kit here:

Clay Stories Touring Exhibition 2017 - 2019 - EDUCATION KIT - by Sabbia Gallery and RCCN - FINAL-page-001.jpg