Creative Services Panel

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

About the RFQ

The purpose of this Request for Quote (RFQ) is to create a Creative Services Panel of suitably experienced professionals to provide one or more of a range of creative services to Coffs Harbour City Council including:

  1. Photography and/or Videography Services
  2. Branding and/ or Graphic Design
  3. Print Management and/or Direct Mail
  4. Digital Marketing and/or Website Services
  5. Other services required as part of a promotional and marketing campaign.

Council appreciates that some suppliers will be sole traders and others may be mid to larger agencies.  We are keen for all sizes of businesses to submit. Local suppliers across the Coffs Coast and surrounds will be given preference where possible.

We anticipate the Panel once established will be reviewed and refreshed every 12 months.

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RFQ Details, Closing  Lodgement Details

RFQ Title:

Council Creative Services Panel 

RFQ Number:  RFQ-1432-QO 
Issue Date: 6 December, 2021   
RFQ Closing Date:  24 January, 2022 

RFQ Closing Time:


RFQ Lodgement Instructions:

Please submit your response via the linked form at the end of this document.


Council Contact & Enquiries


 Kate Pembroke



Requirements of the RFQ


Coffs Harbour City Council undertakes a range of marketing and communication activities for the organisation, its programs, facilities, the destination, events and many other programs and plans. The requirements are broad and a number of staff at Council undertake this work. Council is keen to have a panel in place from which to draw upon for creative work.

The scope of each job will vary. Council does not guarantee that all Contractors selected to be included on the panel will be asked to provide services under the Contract.


Scope of Work Criteria

  • a registered ABN
  • current evidence of Public Liability Insurance certificate
  • understanding of the region’s business and tourism offerings, and/or
  • experience in creative service areas listed
  • compliance and adherence to the brief
  • use of current technology and/or innovative methods
  • ability to prepare and deliver media in requested size, format, and file naming conventions
  • ability to prepare and maintain invoices and accounts in a timely manner, and uphold commercial trading integrity
  • a willingness to be flexible in working hours (e.g. nights and weekends for particular events)
  • evidence and submission of their own portfolio to be submitted as part of their quote
  • a framework for commissioning their services to include hourly rates, travel costs, rights management and delivery timeframes.


Contractor Resource Requirements

  • A registered ABN
  • Evidence of Public Liability Insurance (minimum of $20 million, noting CHCC as an interested  party)
  • Evidence of Motor vehicle and Workers Compensation insurances
  • A comprehensive portfolio of past work
  • Details of the members of the contract team.  At a minimum, details for each member to include:
  • Name and position;
  • Accountabilities;
  • Experience;
  • Length of time with Respondent; and
  • Education, trade and/or professional membership


Reporting Requirements

The successful Respondent/s will be required to report on:

  • Recording and maintenance of timesheets and locations
  • Recording and maintenance of talent release documents
  • Copyright aspects for each engagement will be negotiated as part of that engagement.


If you do not have insurance, you may still submit an RFQ.
A risk assessment will be completed for each job before awarding a contract. Businesses without the appropriate insurance required for the particular job will be excluded from that contract.

Type  Minimum Value    Required   

 Workers Compensation or Personal Accident & Illness Cover

(Personal Accident & Illness Cover – minimum weekly benefit of at least 75% of weekly income; death and capital benefits of at least $250,000 and minimum benefit period of 24 months.)

WC-per legislation

PA-see details
 Public Liability (PL)   $20 million  Yes 
 Professional Indemnity (PI)   $5 million preferred  Yes 
 Motor Vehicle Insurance (Comprehensive) -   - Yes (required for some jobs)



RFQ Instructions – All Quotations are subject to the following requirements

Council’s Evaluation System will apply to determine the most advantageous offer. This will evaluate the bid against a pre-determined weighted series of price and non-price criteria as well as assessing that the bid conforms with all the requirements. The goal is to achieve best value for money which does not always mean the lowest price. 

By making your submission and signing this Bid Statement you understand and agree to adhere to the following Council policies which are available on the Coffs Harbour City Council website (

  1. Procurement Policy (POL-032)
  2. Statement of Business Ethics
  3. Code of Conduct Policy (POL-031)
  4. WHS, Environment and Quality Policy (POL-011)
  5. Coffs Harbour City Council Approach to Market Terms and Conditions (T&C-001)(ATM T&Cs)
  6. Coffs Harbour City Council Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (T&C-002) (PO T&Cs)


RFQ Timeline

RFQ Release

6 December, 2021

Clarifications & Questions Close

24 January, 2022

RFQ Closes

24 January, 2022

RFQ Award

End January, 2022

Panel Commencement (estimated)

Early February, 2022

Panel Review (estimated)

Panel to be reviewed in 12 months from commencement.