Coffs Harbour 2030*

Following a wide-ranging public consultation process, Council adopted the Coffs Harbour Community Strategic Plan (CSP) in 2009. Known as 'Coffs Harbour 2030', the CSP was reviewed following the September 2012 local government election.

Community Vision 2030(PDF, 1MB)

Reviewed Coffs Harbour 2030 Plan (2013)(PDF, 3MB)

Council's 2030 End of Term Report

At the end of each term of the elected council, a report has to be prepared for the community to outline the council's achievements in implementing the Community Strategic Plan. Our most recent End of Term Report was adopted on 25 August 2016.

End of Term Report (2016)(PDF, 5MB)

Coffs Harbour's first 2030 End of Term Report was adopted on 23 August 2012

End of Term Report (2012) - Executive Summary(PDF, 858KB)

End Of Term Report (2012) - Full Report(PDF, 1MB)

*To see the current Community strategic plan visit this page MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan.