Local Traffic Committee

The Local Traffic Committee advises Council on traffic related matters referred to it by Council.

Transport for NSW is the organisation responsible for the control of traffic on all roads in NSW. In order to deal with the large number and range of traffic related matters effectively, Transport for NSW has delegated certain aspects of the control of traffic on local roads to Councils.

Transport for NSW has retained both the control of traffic on the State's classified road network and the control of traffic signals on all roads.

The delegation to Councils limits the types of prescribed traffic control devices and traffic control facilities that Council can authorise and imposes certain conditions on Councils.

One of these conditions requires Councils to obtain the advice of Transport for NSW and the Police prior to proceeding with any proposal. This is most commonly achieved by Councils establishing a Local Traffic Committee.

The Local Traffic Committee is an advisory body only, having no decision making powers. It is, primarily, a technical review committee that is required to advise the Council on traffic related matters referred to it by Council.

The committee is composed of four formal members each with one vote.

These four members are a representative from Council, the Police, Transport for NSW and the Local State Member of Parliament or their nominee.

Several informal advisors also attend the Committee including Council officers such as road safety officers and compliance officers, representatives from bus companies, taxis, and other community stakeholders.

The committee addresses road safety, traffic, parking related matters as well as traffic management plans for events. The committee meets generally every two months. Their report is then tabled at the next appropriate Council meeting.

Councillor Scott Walgamot has been appointed to this committee

Traffic Management for Local Events

If you are organising a special event that has the potential to affect traffic or transport, you may have to submit a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) to the Local Traffic Committee to manage the risks and have your event approved.

For detailed information on road closures and traffic management head to the Coffs Coast Events website or see the Traffic Management Plan template provided by Transport for NSW.

Make a submission to the Local Traffic Committee

Submissions can be made by emailing the committee at coffs.council@chcc.nsw.gov.au