Protect your inspection opening

The pipe between your house and the City of Coffs Harbour's sewer main has an inspection opening with a white plastic cover over it about the size of a bread and butter plate.


One important way of maintaining your sewer is to protect the sewer Inspection Opening.

Please help us provide an efficient and effective sewerage system for you by following the steps below:

  • Don't break the IO cover.
  • Don't remove the IO cover.
  • Don't drive over the IO cover with your car or mower.
  • Don't connect the downpipes from your roof, or allow any other stormwater runoff, into our sewer system. This is an offence. We conduct smoke testing to identify these illegal connections to our sewer system and offenders will be legally obliged to rectify the connection/s at their own cost.

By following these steps at your house, rain or stormwater is prevented from entering the sewer and overloading the system, which can cause spillage of raw sewage into residents' homes or our local environment, such as your favourite fishing spot on the creek.