Drinking water quality

Drinking water quality test results

The NSW Department of Health arrange for water samples to be taken at 32 sites across the local government area each month. The samples are tested by an accredited laboratory to ensure they meet the Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

The City of Coffs Harbour also takes weekly water quality samples to test for additional parameters in addition to continuous water monitoring at the Karangi Water Treatment Facility.

Our combined water quality results are published monthly.

April 2024 Water Quality Results(PDF, 123KB)

Water hardness

The City of Coffs Harbour water supply is very soft. Where an appliance requires a water hardness setting, always use the setting for the softest possible water and follow manufacturer's instructions for soft water.

Rainwater is also considered soft, and you should use appliance settings and manufacturer's instructions for soft water if you have a rainwater tank.

Water quality for home brewing

For residents who brew drinks at home, the following average water quality results may help you design a successful set up.



Alkalinity as CaCo3                                                                          50.84                             
Calcium (mg/L) 17.71
Chloride (mg/L)  12.8
Magnesium (mg/L) 1.16
Sodium (mg/L) 16.73
Sulphate (mg/L) 15.91


Where to get your water tested

The Coffs Harbour Laboratory is a NATA accredited market leader in providing chemical and microbiological analysis of drinking water, effluents, bore water, tank water, pools and environmental waters.  

Contact the Coffs Harbour Laboratory