Footpath use for business

Businesses can register to use footpaths directly outside their storefront for A-frame signage, outdoor dining, merchandise displays and other 'footpath activations'.

The City of Coffs Harbour supports vibrant spaces for our community and has resolved to waive the registration fees. If you previously paid for a license (prior to 1 July 2018), register online below to initiate a refund from the City.

Register to use footpath

Step 1.Have appropriate public liability insurance

Make sure your public liability insurance is up to date and correct.

You need a current Certificate for Public Liability Insurance to a minimum $20 million extending to footpath use and list City of Coffs Harbour as an Interested Party.  

Step 2.Consider safety and security

The footpath is a community space for all including young children, seniors, people with prams and those who may require assistance aids and clear passage. 

Think about trip hazards, height impediments and possible projectiles during windy conditions. If you see something you think is unsafe, take action. 

Everyone needs to be able to get about their daily activities safely and efficiently. Respond to safety and access concerns promptly. Use constructive criticism from customers and others to make changes and try new things. 

We reserve the right to withdraw a registration at any time for misuse of footpath space or non-compliance. Read the full guidelines below:

Footpath activity licensing guideline(PDF, 56KB)

Footpath layout best practices(PDF, 666KB)

Step 3.Talk to your neighbours

Talk to your neighbours to discuss your ideas and make sure your footpath use does not compromise their business.

By partnering with neighbouring businesses you can create exciting places that attract customers and encourage them to linger longer - maybe some comfortable seating, display colourful pot plants, flags or bunting or board games to play?  

Step 4.Register online

To register to activate your footpath you must describe your plans, agree to the terms and conditions and upload a copy of your public liability insurance.

Submit your online registration