Place Score

Place Score is a 'place experience' measurement tool that lets communities across Australia share what they most care about. It gives communities a voice to shape the places they live, recreate and work.

Place Score consists of two tools - "Care Factor' captures what the community values; and 'PX' is a universal standard for measuring 'place experience'. Just as 'UX' measures the user experience of online environments, PX measures the lived experience of places across Australia.

The PX score (a number between 0 and 100) reveals how places and neighbourhoods are performing, what is contributing to place experience (and what is impacting users negatively) and allows change to be measured over time.

The Coffs Harbour 2019 Place Score Report involved community engagement between November 2018 and February 2019. A total of 2,075 responses were collected during the research. The Coffs Harbour local government area (LGA) achieved a PX or 65.

Key strengths listed for the overall LGA are elements of the natural environment (natural features, views, vegetation etc.); and locally owned and operated businesses.

Liveability improved priorities (those things identified that are important to the community but which are currently underperforming) are listed as:

  • quality of public space, access and safety of walking, cycling and/or public transport
  • walking/jogging/bike paths that connect housing to community amenities (like shops and parks)
  • the general condition of public open space (street trees, footpaths, parks), and 
  • protection of the natural environment.

Further analysis was also undertaken on localities (when sufficient responses were received to allow for this analysis).

Scores for other neighbourhoods included:

  • Arrawarra and Mullaway (65)
  • Boambee East (64)
  • Coffs Harbour city (64)
  • City Centre (62)
  • Jetty (69)
  • Park Beach (64)
  •  West Coffs (64) 
  • Coramba (68)
  • Corindi Beach (67)
  • Moonee Beach (72)
  • Nana Glen (61)
  • Sandy Beach (66)
  • Sawtell (77)
  • Toormina (58)
  • Woolgoolga (67)

The 2019 Place Score report provides valuable information to Council for diagnosing problems, identifying priorities and measuring change in key places and precincts across the LGA.