Artists Announced for Yarrila Place Gumbaynggirr Art Trail

Published on 21 March 2022

First Gumbaynggirr Meeting for CCS

Another key feature of Yarrila Place will be the Gumbaynggirr Art Trail, featuring six artworks - one from each Gumbaynggirr Clan group. The Art Trail follows and is aligned to The Track, a wayfinding and architectural element, devised by Aboriginal architect Kevin O’Brien of BVN architects in collaboration with Council’s Aboriginal Community Planner Uncle Richard Widders and the wider Gumbaynggirr community.

After an expression of interest process was launched in late 2021 seeking Gumbaynggirr artists a selection panel is now pleased to announce the artists who will create the works:


  • BAGAWA CLAN - Reece Flanders
  • GARBY CLAN - Lilly Clegg
  • GARLAMBIRLA CLAN - Josie Rose-Flanders
  • YURUUNGA CLAN - Lisa Kelly
  • NGAMBAGA CLAN - Denise Buchanan
  • GAMBALAMAM CLAN - Cecil Briggs Jnr


The Art Trail is planned as an ongoing program with the artworks updated every 3-5 years, to animate the public spaces of the building and provide continuing opportunities for Gumbaynggirr artists.

Council’s Aboriginal Planner Uncle Richard Widders said seeing this project evolve is a very proud moment.

“Council is going well beyond the local government boundary and incorporating the footprint of the entire Gumbaynggirr nation into the building.  This is a symbol that Yarrila Place is a truly regional hub to visit, embrace and enjoy.  This will be a place for past present and future to blend together for everyone’s benefit.”

The six proposed locations for the artworks are located along The Track on the ground floor, level 1 and level 2 in the atrium of the building.

The next steps are to develop concepts and meet with the selection panel again to confirm and approve stories for the final art.

The selection panel for the Gumbaynggirr Art Trail includes:

  • Jo Besley - Coffs Harbour City Council
  • Ricky Buchanan - Community
  • Aunty Deb Dootson - Garby Elders and Yandarra
  • Aunty Yvette Pacey - Chair of the Garlambirla Guuyu-Girrwaa (Coffs Harbour Aboriginal Elders group)
  • Patricia Wallace - Deputy Chair of Coffs Harbour Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • Alison Williams - Garby and Creative Director, Wadjar Regional Indigenous Gallery, Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre


This project is being undertaken in collaboration with Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance and the National Aboriginal Design Agency.


Pictured above:

  • Gumbaynggirr Nation meeting of the six Clans held at the Cavanbah Centre.