Stock straying

Stock owners are obliged to keep their fences maintained to keep their stock from straying onto neighbouring properties and roads.

If you see stock on public land

Please contact us and let us know where the stock are and what colour and type they are.

We will send Rangers to investigate. 

We impound stock that have strayed onto Public Land or have been delivered to us by occupiers of private land.

Stock on private land

Stock that wander from private property to private property, are private concerns between neighbours. 

You should contact the owner within 24 hours to let them know that their stock have strayed onto your land and that they should make arrangements to collect them. 

If you don't know who the owner is you may impound the stock on your property.

We can help you find out who owns the stock and contact them to advise them of the trespassing stock.

If straying stock is an ongoing issue, we recommend that effected parties use the services of the NSW Community Justice Centre to resolve ongoing issues and/or seek their own legal advice.