Roaming and wandering dogs

City of Coffs Harbour can issue an Infringement Notice to dog owners where it is found their dog is not kept under effective control while in a public place.

How to report a roaming dog

Step 1.Check whether the dog is allowed off leash

 See the areas where dogs are allowed to be off their leashes, while still under the supervision of their owners.

Step 2.Make a report

 What you need to tell us:

  • Do you know where the dog/s are coming from?

  • What type of dog/s are they (description, size, colour etc)?

  • Can you contain the dog/s? Our impound facility is open until 4pm each day. Response time for collecting contained dogs may be up to 4 hours. If a dog is unable to be collected until the next day, it is preferable that you hold the dog until then if possible.

Step 3.What happens next?

Once we know as many of these details as possible, Rangers will patrol the area.

There is no guarantee that the dogs will be about when the Rangers are patrolling.

It is best if you can identify where the dogs are coming from and notify us.