Nuisance cats

You cannot seize or impound a cat just because it is wandering on your property.

If a cat is found attacking native wildlife, causing too much noise or damaging gardens, they are considered to be a nuisance under the Companion Animals Act. 

If you find a cat involved in any of these activities on your property then you have the right to seize the cat and return it to its owner in the first instance (if you know who the owner is) or deliver it to the Animal Management Centre. Please note that we do not provide a pick up or capture service for cats.

If you seize a cat then you are bound by law to provide proper care for the animal whilst it is in your care. 

To deliver a cat to our Animal Management Centre, call us on 02) 6648 4000 to arrange an appointment time. We will give you the location of the Animal Management Centre when we book your appointment.

If you are concerned about the number of cats owned by someone see our page on pet numbers