Climate change and energy

The City of Coffs Harbour is working hard to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations and protect environmentally sensitive areas.

We also play a significant role in encouraging environmental responsibility among local businesses, community groups, households and schools. We have programs that cover many aspects of ecologically sustainable development. 

The following sections provide further information about what we are doing to become more environmentally sustainable in our own operations.

Climate Change Action

Council adopted a Climate Change Policy in September 2013.  The policy acknowledges the impact of climate change on our current and future way of life for the whole Coffs Harbour community and our natural and built environment.

Climate Change Policy

With the adoption of the policy we committed to:

  • Reducing our contribution to climate change and supporting the community to reduce their contribution to climate change.
  • Adapting our activities and services to become more resilient to climate change and realise the opportunities it provides.
  • Working with the community to help build the resilience of our residents and local ecosystems to adapt to the effects of climate change.

It's Time for Clean Energy

The Powering Ahead solar project kick started our renewable energy journey in October 2019 with the installation of more than 2MW of solar at a variety of council sites. In its final stages of delivery, the project showcases a huge investment in solar, stimulating our local green economy. It also demonstrates civic leadership and revolutionary solar design with the installation of 5B solar arrays at a number of our sites, including the Coffs Harbour Water Reclamation Plant. 

To learn more about this exciting project, check out the video. 



Renewable Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan (REERP)

Our goals are to be sourcing 100% renewable energy and have Net Zero emissions by 2030/31*.

In March 2021 Council adopted a Renewable Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan 2021(PDF, 4MB) (REERP).

It sets out a plan to meet the following targets:

  • we will reduce our per annum corporate emissions (tonnes CO2-e) from 2019/2020 levels by 100% by 2030/31*.
  • our energy use will consist of 100% renewables by 2030.

These targets were first adopted in 2013's Climate Change Policy and review of our Greenhouse Action Strategy. In 2016 we developed and endorsed the first REERP to demonstrate leadership and emphasise this as a priority. We will revise the REERP every 5 years.

We have had already had successes in reducing our emissions and creating renewable energy since the REERP came into effect in 2016. A key project in achieving these goals has been the Powering Ahead project that has seen 2MW of solar power across 16 Council owner sites. The Powering Ahead Video can be seen above.

The REERP 2021 – includes a new framework for implementing, monitoring and reporting on renewable energy and emissions. The REERP 2021 provides council with clear pathways incorporating world’s best practice to achieve our goals of 100% renewable energy and Net Zero emissions by 2030/31.

REERP 2021 looks at all areas of our operations to achieve these ambitious targets. Key areas of focus are, energy efficiency, 100% renewable energy, street lighting and public lighting upgrades using smart controllers, fleet transition to electric vehicles and equipment, sustainable buildings, sustainable infrastructure and energy from waste.

*Separate Net Zero target for landfill of 2033

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Renewable Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan 2021(PDF, 4MB)


Climate Change Policy


Sustainability Policy