Temporary events for skin penetration

If you are the organiser of a skin penetration temporary event you must provide the following information to Councils Environmental Health Team while in the planning stage of your event. 

Information to be submitted

Submit the below to coffs.council@chcc.nsw.gov.au 30 days prior to the event.

  1. A copy of your tattoo show permit, issued by NSW Fair Trading (not applicable for other skin penetration events).
  2. Record of Skin Penetration Operators Form(DOCX, 20KB) 
  3. Skin Penetration Notification Form. Only one form is required for the event, but all individual operators must also be notified to the local Council where they usually trade.
  4. A scale floor plan (e.g. 1:50) for the event detailing:
  1. The location and size of each work area
  2. Any screens/dividers that will be used to separate work areas and the materials they are made of
  3. The location of hand wash basins that will be designated for the use by the operator. One hand wash basin is to be provided per 6 operators. Please note hand wash basins must be designated hand wash only and provided with warm water from a single spout, liquid soap/alcohol gel and single use towels
  4. Location of equipment sinks
  5. Material of flooring/floor covering
  6. Location and description of fixtures and fittings
  7. Location of waste disposal for each artist

5. A written statement detailing what provisions have been made for the following infection control requirements:

  1. Waste management (solid and liquid)
  2. Sharps management/disposal
  3. Sterilisation of equipment (or a declaration that all skin penetration equipment will be single use)
  4. Cleaning of non-skin penetration equipment between clients
  5. An adequate supply of aprons and gloves
  6. An adequate supply of liquid soap and single use towels
  7. Physical separation of procedures from the viewing public
  8. Cleaning of floors, walls, fittings and fixtures in the treatment areas, before, during and after the event has finished

6. A copy of the Artist Waiver Form (for Tattoo Shows)(DOCX, 63KB) signed by each artist and kept onsite by the event organiser.

Our Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) will use the information provided to determine if effective controls will be in place to meet statutory requirements for skin penetration, and make further recommendations if needed.