Food at temporary events

The requirements for selling food at temporary events such as markets, festivals, school fetes, community and cultural events.

For event organisers

Food safety at your event is ultimately the responsibility of the food businesses. However, there are some things you must ensure are available:

  • Easy access to potable water (if potable water is transported through a hose you must use a food grade hose, not a garden hose)
  • Facilities for the disposal of solid and liquid waste

We encourage event organisers to provide information to us of upcoming events with the following details:

  • Date and time of the event
  • Estimated number of people attending the event
  • Name of the attending food businesses and their home councils
  • Type of food to served by the food businesses  

For food vendors

Non-fixed food vendors who trade in the Coffs LGA:

  • Do not have to notify City of Coffs Harbour
  • Must ensure the following documentation is kept available on site:
  • Food Safety Supervisor Certificate
  • Proof of notification/registration with home council (if you are registered/notified with another council, you don't have to be registered with City of Coffs Harbour)
  • Copy of last food safety inspection report.

Note: If your food business has not been inspected in the last 12 months, our officers may inspect the business. Fees will apply. See our fees and charges

For factsheets, guidelines and access to free training see the food safety inspections and resources page.