On-site sewage management (OSSM) applications

If you live in an area not serviced by Council’s sewer system then you will likely use an on-site sewage management system such as a septic tank or composting toilet.  

Apply to install or amend OSSM

Step 1.Before work starts

Complete and submit the online application below.

You will need to attach a Waste Water Report. A waste water report can be created by a consultant of your choice.

Application to Install or Amend an On-Site Sewage Management System

We will send the approval to install to the applicant.

This will include a Compliance Certificate – OSSM form which should be forwarded to your plumber of choice.

Once you receive your approval you can begin work.

Step 2.Book an inspection

We carry out a final inspection of the work to ensure that it meets the relevant standards. To check the fees see our fees and charges.

Please complete the following online form the day before your desired inspection date. 

Inspections can be booked Monday to Friday. You can select either an AM booking (10.30am to 12.30pm) or a PM booking (1.30PM to 3.30PM).

Inspection Booking Request

Submit your completed Compliance Certificate – OSSM

 On completion of work you must submit your completed Compliance Certificate – OSSM form (provided by the City to the applicant as part of the Approval).

Approval to operate will then be issued.