Backflow protection

Backflow is the unintended reversal of flow of contaminated or non-drinking water into the drinking water distribution system.

Every water meter supplying water to a domestic or commercial property must have some form of Backflow Prevention Device (BPD) installed.

City of Coffs Harbour provides water meters with integral low hazard Backflow Prevention on services up to and including 25mm.

For medium and high hazard water connections or services above 25mm in size, it is the responsibility of the property owner to provide a suitable backflow prevention device.

Property owners are responsible for backflow prevention at their property in the following situations:

  • medium or high hazard
  • water service connections above 25mm
  • below ground rainwater tanks, for more information see rainwater tanks 

If you are unsure of the backflow situation at your property or the risk your property poses please contact us using the contact details on this page.

Backflow prevention steps

Step 1.Register your backflow prevention device (BPD)

All medium and high hazard BPD must be registered with City of Coffs Harbour at the time of installation by submitting the online form below.

Backflow Device Registration Form

Step 2.Submit annual testing report to us

All registered BPD must be tested annually by a qualified tester. The white copy of the official Inspection and Maintenance Report must be forwarded to us within 2 working days

Backflow Prevention in the Coffs Harbour City Council area is regulated by our Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Policy - Containment Only and in accordance with:

  • Australian Standard 2845 - Backflow Prevention, and

  • Australian Standard 3500 - Plumbing Guidelines (Section 4: Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention)